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About JME Mediation


“I’ll help you find a path forward by creating a neutral environment, minimizing contention, listening to the strengths and weaknesses of both parties’ positions and thoroughly evaluating the applicable law.”

– Jeffrey Epstein, Esq.

Each party in a dispute brings their own perspective, and as the neutral facilitator, I aim to ensure both parties feel heard and find a fair and just resolution.

I have represented employers and employees in my over 25 years of experience as an employment and business law attorney. This experience provides me a unique understanding of both sides' perspectives. I have been a mediator since 1994 and have undertaken extensive mediation training:

neutral facilitator sitting at table with mediation parties
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association - Attorney/Client Dispute Resolution Services Program - Mediation Training for Attorney/Client disputes - 15 hours.

  • Los Angeles County Bar Association - Dispute Resolution Services - Basic Mediation Training - 30 hours.

  • Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law - Advanced Mediation Techniques and Skills – various training sessions totaling more than 60 hours.

  • Harvard Law School - Program in advanced training for negotiation and mediation - more than 30 hours.

parties at mediation table

Before practicing law, I worked as a teacher for at-risk youth, where I learned the importance of active listening and how to diffuse emotionally fueled situations.

My results-oriented, creative approach and experience allow me to help parties with even the most complex and emotionally fraught disagreements. Plus, as a veteran trial lawyer, I can foresee how cases would likely proceed in court.

Let me help you move forward with confidence and avoid the costs, disruption and emotional toll of litigation.  

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